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Law firms are mostly manual businesses and we have helped many clients in this sector to automate their processes. Family Law Database approached us with a need to compile all their recent and old matrimonial law reports from all superior courts across SouthAfrica. They wanted to make it easier for other law firms to search for cases which are related to them so that they may know the latest judgement or ruling regarding that particular matter.

The BIZZBEAN Challenge

Too many start up entrepreneurs and small business owners are unable to afford the services of specialist business and training consultants. As a result, many potential entrepreneurs are either lost to business or fail soon after starting a business. The owners of Bizz Bean then approached us to create and develop forecasting, budgeting and evaluation software so that entrepreneurs can assess business scenarios and make informed financial decisions.

The OPYION Challenge

For a long time, companies dealing with freight and logistics have done things normally until the introduction of technology. Opyion Logistics which runs a fleet of deliveries across Southern Africa brought their hassles and difficulties to KTO.

Their challenges includes cutting transportation cost’ concern due to fuel prices. Higher fuel prices are likely to increase transportation costs. They needed a system which will radically do Business Process Improvement. Not withstanding the need for new technology, which has become an increasing challenge for the logistics industry to stay on top of new advances in business processes. Taking advantage of these new opportunities sounds enticing but adoption and on boarding can be overwhelming. Lastly, Improved Customer Service. Customers want full transparency into where their delivery is at all times. These days,the location of a package is as interconnected as your social network. In fact,as customer expectations have increased, their willingness to pay for fast shipping has decreased with just about 64 percent of consumers unwilling to payanything extra for less than two-day shipping.

The TIS Challenge

Where do you see your business a year from now? You could be closing over a quarter more deals than today by organizing your sales with KTO CRM systems. Technology Integrated Systems (TIS) approached us with the same challenges as they wanted a quicker and smarter way to be in touch with their clients. CRM helps sales people to safely and centrally store their contacts, sales opportunities, activities and scheduled plans in one place, and have uninterrupted access to the database from multiple locations. Rest assured that your data won’t just get lost.  

TIS needed help for their sales people to optimize their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to make sure customers are not ignored and the key prospects are contacted on time. In fact, KTO CRM sallow sales people to spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base. We have helped sales people with Mobile Application and web application for them to easily prepare their weekly or monthly reports for management. KTO team has automated and transparent their processes, and takes just a few clicks to inform others about what sales are currently in progress.

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