Our team up on understanding the requirements then came out with a legal platform which is cloud based which was going to be the most capable and user friendly entity management platform on the market.  KTO has combined standard management functions with elegant features to search and keep track of updatedcases to power leading law firms and legal departments in South Africa.
Family Law Database is now an intuitive, law and case database solution that allows you to focus on the creative, problem-solving aspects of your work. It's designed by lawyers forl awyers with a user friendly interface and a guaranteed fast search results int he market. Family Law Database is a web-based solution available on-server oron-cloud and supported with a mobile application iOS & Android. Whether youwork as solo practitioner, in a law firm or in an in-house legal department, FamilyLaw Database is right for you. The application is rated number 1 source of information in South Africa.
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