Web Application Development 

At KTO, web application development, also referred to as software process, software lifecycle and software development is the development of a software product in a planned and structured process.

KTO being the best in this industry has seen a lot of changes in a relative short period of time. From both sides of the fence– customers looking for software solutions, and the resource pool of web application development talent – there has been considerable upheaval over the last few years.

Web application development involves creating a computer program, or set of programs to perform tasks, from keeping track of inventory and billing customers to maintaining accounts, speeding up business processand, in fact, even improving web application effectiveness. Unlike vanilla programming, web application development involves higher levels of responsibility (particularly for requirement capturing and testing).

We have new architectures, myriad platform choices, increased functionality expectations, and requirements to protect against constantly evolving security threats are some of the challenges faced by web application development practitioners, or web application developers. In today’s global marketplace, where outsourcing of web application development is common place, our web application developers need to prove far more than just the ability at programming. KTO team is experienced to collaborate, and fully aware of need for integration with other enterprise components, familiarity with compliance issues and various other factors which  contribute towards us landing contracts.

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