A Customer Relationship Management (CRM)system enhances a business’s ability to cultivate and nurture customerrelationships. With this understanding we were able to come up with a unifiedapproach to organizing customer information while also streamlining processes.  KTO came out with sales force automation which provides users an easy to follow process tonavigate the sales cycle. Tracking customer interaction, analyzing salesforecasts, visualizing sales trends and automating business tasks to maximizeproductivity. The CRM platform we built have a marketingautomation help to reduce repetitive tasks. With MarketingAutomation, a potential customer might get an automated email or tweet afterrequesting information from the company website.  Additionally, if a prospect expresses interest in a newproduct line, details of the prospects’ interest can inform the sales user tofollow-up with a phone call.mobile with offline access allows users the flexibility to utilize both themobile app and the desktop platform regardless of their internet connectivity. Field service automation isanother great feature which leverages the mobile capability. With the abilityto locate a technician in real time, users can help route the next closestcall, improving response time as well as increasing the number of daily calls serviced.Field users love that paperwork is eliminated, that complexity is reduced asthe result of intelligent forms, and they have the ability to get a customer’ssignature on a mobile device.
January 2019
The customer received a solution supporting the full order processing cycle, including booking, planning, execution,tracking, and billing. It consists of modules that can be easily added or removed. The solution is highly customizable and supports various languages. It features customer-specific fields and filtered data views can be added without recompilation. Our platform can be used by other companies who want to eliminate under and overpaying by providing logistics companies with precise data for Kms, fuel cost and many more calculations.
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