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We combine our relationship led engagement model, agile delivery and technology to create the BACKBONE of MODERN BUSINESSES.

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Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development. It defines a flexible holistic product development strategy where a product development team works as a unit to reach a common goal, challenges assumption of the traditional sequential approach to product development.


A design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

Day 1: Understand
Day 2: Diverge
Day 3: Converge
Day 4: Prototype
Day 5: Test


The Agile movement seeks alternatives to traditional project management. Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. Agilists propose alternatives to waterfall, or traditional sequential development.


Knowing your competitors and what they offer can help make your products, services, and marketing stand out. As the old adage goes, change is the only true constant. Market research allows business owners to stay innovative and successful—and change with the times.

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Custom Mobile and Web Application Development

The long term vision for KTO aims to make ideas come to life, by being able to build, develop and engineer perfect software applications that will make an impact in the world.

Business Software Solutions

To ensure that every organisation/business that approaches KTO, has their problems solved or business improved, we provide the best third party technology that will ensure stability, growth and quality.

Artistic system design

Not only are our systems quality in function, but they are graphically amazing as well. We take pride in the look of our workers and we ensure it is worth the experience.

Process automation and digitalization

KTO does extensive assessments and reviews of processes for organisation, and always pursues way to optimize, improve and re-engineer through digitilazation and technology. Seamless, simplification and streamlining. Intercommunication of multiple systems is what KTO does best. Centralization of system through intergration for the efficieny of processes and business productivity.


SEO services – Search Engine Optimization is very important process where a website is made more visible to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine Optimization Services are key to providing a successful website SEO ranking amongst competitors online.

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