To make the platform as simple, low-cost,transparent and agile as possible, Opyion Logistics approached KTO to build both a mobile and desktop application for them. Our client wanted a modular system consisting of an application which has client desktop, and a mobileclient. Various data, including orders, routes, and destinations would be stored on the application server.The mobile client would be installed to assist drivers and other field workers with a visual map would display location data and other information providing office staff with full control over the shipment process
January 2019
The customer received a solution supporting the full order processing cycle, including booking, planning, execution,tracking, and billing. It consists of modules that can be easily added or removed. The solution is highly customizable and supports various languages. It features customer-specific fields and filtered data views can be added without recompilation. Our platform can be used by other companies who want to eliminate under and overpaying by providing logistics companies with precise data for Kms, fuel cost and many more calculations.
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